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Woman, you are not alone…

May 26th, 2005 · 1 Comment

You are not alone – and no I am not talking about the fact that you cannot even go to the bathroom without interruption – as a Mother, that’s a given!

What I am talking about is more the fact that other women do exactly the same things, feel the same things, forget the same things, and worry about the same things.  Promise.

Sometimes in our busy-ness we become isolated and dont connect meaningfully with other mothers.  And when you become isolated, you loose perspective and think that others must be doing it ‘better’ than you.

We need that connection, that sharing of selves and lives with other women, in order to validate our strengths and allow us to accept and laugh at our weaknesses and those very human moments we all have.

I was chatting to a new friend, T, last night (we were State of Origin refugees (go Maroons!!!!)… our loungerooms having been taken over by testosterone and yelling at the TV) when I heard a giggle.

My youngest child was hiding behind my chair when he should have been in bed.  Then it hit me, and I had to admit to T on the other end of the phone that he was there because he couldnt go to bed – there were no sheets on it!

T roared with laughter and said "Oh, I am SOOO happy to hear you say that!!!"


Because up until that point she had thought I was perfect and always in control.

And now, she doesn’t feel so alone. Connection made.

(btw – the control is all an illusion, T, all an illusion!)

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  • 1 Naomi // May 31, 2005 at 7:57 am

    I have recently read a book called “Motherguilt”, by Ita Buttrose and Dr Penny Adams, that assures every mother that they are not the only ‘bad’ mother in the world, and that their is no such thing as the perfect woman or mother. It is a good read; something in it for everyone to relate to, I would think, as it collects a great many perspectives of motherhood from people we know about in the media, and other walks of life… Naomi

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