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We are World Citizens, arent we?

May 29th, 2005 · 1 Comment

In the wake of the unheavals the world has experienced in the past few years we have all been feeling more and more ‘citizens of the world’, not just citizens of our own country – united in tragedy, bonded through grief.

The internet and the global media have all made world events so much more real for us all… 9/11, the war on terrorism and the Tsunami in Asia to name three of the biggies.

But then something happens and we forget that we are citizens of the world, and retreat into our little ‘Aussie’ shell – for shame!

What am I talking about? 

The sentencing of Schapelle Corby this week has brought out some very small minded people, who have been contacting aid agencies and asking for their donations for Tsunami victims to be refunded, or refusing to donate to the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal unless they have a guarantee the money wont be used in Indonesia.  What?

Yes, I am on my soap box here.  What do these poor devastated people, and the aid agencies who are assisting them to rebuild their lives, have to do with this conviction?  If the drugs had been found coming into Australia, would we collectively feel the same?  Would we have had the same degree of media attention?  Would we have stopped donations intended to aid Australians?

Are we world citizens, or simply small-minded, insular people??

Dont get me wrong – I am not saying the conviction of Schapelle is
right … personally I have no knowledge of whether she is innocent or not.
And nor can I ever know for sure – one way or another.  Can you?

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  • 1 Chris // May 30, 2005 at 10:13 am

    Go the clear-minded!!!!
    Whatever one’s personal opinions of the case, or even justice systems different from ours, such knee-jerk reactions just make us seem childish.
    Only donating to Red Shield if it doesn’t go to Indonesia is like a 2yo having a tantrum in the supermarket. They (and thus the rest of us) just look SILLY!

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