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When Sleep Wont Come…

May 30th, 2005 · 1 Comment

There are times in my life I am an insomniac… like now

There are basically two types of insomniacs, those who go to sleep fine, but wake up completely in the early hours of the morning and nothing short of a hammer will allow them to go back to sleep.  Then there are those that are drooping and tired in the evening, but as soon as their head hits the pillow, their mind starts to go, and getting to sleep becomes a battle.

I am the latter sort of insomniac.  Sometimes I cannot get to sleep because I am so wired with excitement and the ideas just keep flowing – I have been known to write the first two chapters of my brilliant first book in my head whilst I toss and turn (of course, that’s as far as those chapters have ever got – all attempts to get them out of my sleep craved brain and onto paper have as yet failed:)  Sometimes it is through mulling over a problem or concern or stressful situation like a dog at a bone.  I also have trouble getting to, and staying asleep when I am due to catch a plane the next morning and need to rise early… my mind doesnt trust my body or my alarm clock to wake me on time (due no doubt to 2 missed flights in my younger travelling for work days).

Then there is the lack of someone next to me insomnia… and that’s what I am suffering from today.  With hubby overseas, and the cool nights of winter here, I just cannot seem to shut down and sleep – much as I want to, and need to.

In a recent blog post, Andrea Learned talks about the National Sleep Foundation’s Women and Sleep Poll which found that 53% of women aged 30-60 experienced difficulty sleeping often or always during the past month!!!

I doubt the statistics are wildly different here in Australia.  And this raises the question – a big what can we do about it??

So what I need today is a Plan (with a capital P).  A plan
that needs to be ready to hand for those sleep deprived times – a
preventive Plan, and a curative Plan.  The Plans need to be ready ahead
of time, because once you are in the situation you are too blooming
tired, stressed and cross to think up a plan from scratch.

Since I am in this situation today, I am going to simply state my intention of getting a great night’s sleep tonight and I will come back tomorrow full of energy and enthusiasm, and with the Plan.  Watch this space!

Oh, and please… if you have any thoughts, hints, tips, or secret recipes you’d care to share, please please please click on the comment link below… I will be eternally grateful, as will sleep deprived women every where.

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