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Rest Strategies for Women Who Do Too Much

June 3rd, 2005 · No Comments

Leading on from two of my posts earlier this week, When Sleep Wont Come 1 & 2… Leah Maclean in her post At Least Oil Rig Workers Get 2 Weeks Off, has challenged us further when it comes to strategies to deal with a lack of energy and demands on our time.

Leah has raised the bar by suggesting that we all need strategies to cope with the demands we place on ourself, and the ones others (like clients, kids, bosses) place on us.  And as she alludes to, it is usually good old ME that is placing the most stress on ME.

I love the suggestions Leah has given from Chris Barrow:

  1. don’t wear yourself out
  2. plan lots of small rewards in the
  3. spend a bit of money on yourself
  4. if you do plan to wear yourself out, plan a fabulous
    rest at the conclusion – oil rig shifts can’t be avoided

OK, most of us women can do number 3 pretty easily, and quite often number 4 as well… it’s number 1 we have a really big problem with  – isnt it?

So to the Plan with a capital P that I have been talking about this week.  Here are the first couple of points in MY plan – what are yours??

  1. When sleep hasnt come and I get up like a zombie in the morning, I am giving myself permission to have a ‘be kind to myself’ day – to reschedule appointments that I need full energy to handle, to allow the kids to have tuckshop or subsist for the day on vegemite sandwiches, to take some time to pamper myself, to eat soul nourishing foods and to put my feet up or have a nap.
  2. When sleep wont come, to have back up strategies to relax, including chamomile tea, warm bath with lavender oil, or guided meditation designed to help me relax and switch off.  Hopefully this will help me avoid No.1
  3. To schedule 15 minutes each day – every day – just for me.  Some quiet moments of relaxation.  In my case this may be reading a non-work related book, playing the piano, doing jigsaws with my kids or having a quiet relaxing breakfast with my husband on the back verandah in the winter sun…

Before you get to burn out – what are your strategies, or your Plan-with-a-capital-P?? 

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