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Having fun – the spoon full of sugar in your day

June 24th, 2005 · 1 Comment

My children love to have a family dinner that gets a little rowdy, where we all get a little silly, joke around and laugh till our sides ache.  The more into the fun their father and I get – the happier and more excited and in tune the kids are.  They also love to get physical with their father and ‘rough-house’, tickling and hugging and teasing… (somehow they all know that Dad is much better and more suited to that than Mum is).

And today I was reminded of the reasons for adding a little lightness and fun to our lives, as adults, and the importance of being more childlike.

In Bernie DeKoven’s Funlog, his recent post on having fun each day quotes John Kehoe:

"We need to renew our spirit regularly. A busy life necessitates it.
We’ve become too full of activities. Too serious. Too adult. No wonder
kids often think we’re dull and boring. In many ways that’s what we’ve
become. We should get back to our roots and instincts. Bring in more
balance. We need to have more fun, and to do so we have to be more
creative and spontaneous; to seize the opportunities life presents us
whenever and wherever we find them."

and then quotes what he learned from the Dalai Lama:

The seriousness of life’s problems does not have to eliminate our fun
and joy. In life it’s necessary that we be, at different times, both
serious and silly. Typically we’ve mastered the serious side very well.
It’s time to explore the wisdom and pleasure of the silly. We often
forget that within all spiritual teachings there is a very clear
emphasis on the importance of being joyful. Fun, joy and happiness are
spiritual principles.

Wow! Did you hear that?  Fun, joy and happiness are spiritual principles.

I feel the need for another silly session…. watch out kids!

Thanks to Leah Maclean so much for the link! I think I am going to love Bernie DeKoven’s FunLog.

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  • 1 naomi // Jun 26, 2005 at 10:15 pm

    I had my son and nephew (4 & 3) together yesterday, not wanting to be apart, but every five minutes going nuts at each other. After two hours of trying to play with them in order to maintain calm, helping them to “negotiate” with each other, distracting them, seperating them, feeding them – whatever… – I was about to go nuts myself!!! Instead I put on the “Mary Poppins” DVD: I’d just borrowed it from a friend so I could watch it and relive a few childhood memories (& songs!!), and didn’t think for a moment the little Angels in my company would be remotely interested… Anyhoo, tired of all the bickering, I turned up the volume to a considerably high level, while the boys bellowed in the sandpit, hoping that the cheerful sound would transform them, and me… It worked… an absolute treat!!!!! In no time, they shook the sand off and ventured inside to find Mummy/Aunty dancing with her pretend umberella and behaving wonderfully loopy. It was infectious. Once I’d been forced by my 28 week pregnant body to sit down, the boys snuggled either side of me and happily watched this gorgeous film, sometimes jumping up for a dance, often laughing and happily chatty from time-to-time, right to the credits. If there was a ‘moment’ during the afternoon where the testosterone levels peaked, I sang a “spoonful of sugar”. Such good medicine!

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