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Have you noticed…

July 8th, 2005 · No Comments

Firstly, let me send my prayers to all those affected by the incidents in London.  I hope all your loved ones, friends and colleagues are safe and well, and pray for no further terrorist incidents.

But have you noticed today how no one is talking about it?  Well, no-one was wherever I was today (out and about running messages for the main part).  No shop keeper, no overheard conversations in the cafe, no garage attendant, no library queue uttered a word.

How different is this from 9/11??  Then, it was totally unbelievable.  Inconceivable almost, that something as terrible as those terrorist attacks could happen to us.  And we were all in shock, and dealt with it in different ways – most of it involving talking to others and sharing the pain.

I was watching the television last night with my daughter when the newsflashes started to come through … and I felt again the sense of horror and disbelief I had felt back in 2001.  And I chose, seeing the look on E’s face (she is 12), to turn the television off.  It didnt mean I dont care.  It just meant I didnt need to watch the media trying to make a story with little to no information, repeating themselves over and over… and I didnt need my daughter to see those images over and over…

Have you noticed that this time the reaction is more of ‘oh no, not again’, than ‘this cant be happening’.  Our level of disbelief seems to be a lot lower.  Our tolerance threshold has risen.  Thanks to terrorists, and what the media has publicised. 

Is this part of the terrorists plan?  To have us become accustomed to such acts, and to almost become numbed by it?  It is certainly their plan to wage war with hate as their primary weapon.

And we cannot fight back with their weapon of choice, because fear and hate will only feed their fire.  We need to retaliate not with harsh words and intolerance, but with love. 

I believe we need to draw together and promote love in all its aspects – tolerance, respect, consideration, trust, truth, patience, faith, etc.  And the place to start is in our own lives.

I for one will be reflecting and focusing on the amount of love I show to those who are dearest to me…and everyone else I come in contact with.

What’s your take on this?

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