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When you just cannot seem to get going…

July 8th, 2005 · No Comments

If you are having one of those days where you just cannot get anything done, I found a really interesting post by Bert Web from Open Loops , offers the following advice, based on information from his two pre-med sons:

By mimicking the sympathetic reactions to a threatening environment
(sitting up straight, standing, moving quickly, deeper breathing), it
appears to be possible to activate the sympathetic [central nervous]
system, which then takes over. We are ready to act, or in our case, be
productive. We can also change our environment to one that causes the
sympathetic system to activate, one that is more spartan, threatening,
or simply uncomfortable. The result? We take action. We are more

The next time you notice yourself struggling in one of those
unproductive days, try activating your sympathetic nervous system by
using some of these:

  • Sit up straight
  • Go for a brisk walk.
  • Breath deeply and forcefully.
  • Change to a more physical activity.
  • Work standing up.
  • Move to a different work area where you are not as comfortable.
  • Turn the lights up.
  • Change to a more uncomfortable chair and desk.
  • Turn the temperature down.
  • Do some quick exercise.

A couple of things that work for me are first to clear and clean something – my desk top, my stationery cupboard, my top drawer (nothing like a good bit of organising to get the energy flowing); or if I am really stale, a change of work environment often works wonders – if you dont have to be in an office to work, why not take your laptop, or your notebook, or your reading to a cafe or park for an hour or two.  Amazing what a change of scenery can do for you.

What do you use to jump start your day and your motivation when nothing seems to be getting done and you’re feeling really sluggish?

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