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Cars for Teenagers

July 14th, 2005 · No Comments

My 15 year old son is counting down the days until he gets his drivers license.  And he reminds me constantly.  And is always wanting to drive my car up the driveway, or down, or where ever… (the answer is always NO!!!)

And I have two main thoughts on this subject.  My son behind the wheel – help!  And my son able to drive HIMSELF to swimming training at 5:30am – YES!

And I loved Seth’s blog on the car of his dreams for teenagers… here’s his description:

"So, here’s what we need: A car for teenagers.

It is, after all, a matter of life and death.

A car for teenagers is very different than a car for everyone else. The
biggest reason is that a car for teenagers is rarely purchased by a teenager, so
a third party (probably the parent) has a lot of leverage over what the car
actually does.

So, what does a parent want?
Low powered
Great gas mileage
(more cheap)

Funky looking
Allows easy attachment/customization of side panels

Requires breathalyzer test to start
Easy to set, hard to hack speed
Constant GPS reporting via wimax or cellphone, allowing the owner of
the car to see where it is Constant speed reporting via wimax or cellphone, with
easy to set alerts by cell phone
Location lock out, making it easy for the
owner to set the range of the vehicle or the roads traveled

All this technology is easy to sync by computer or phone

Lots of airbags
ID card key making it easy to charge the driver per use,
treat different drivers differently, including usage time."

read the entire article here.

I’ll take one – probably in metallic black – in 2007… and another in 2010 in purple… :o )

Actually, this raises a point for me.  It is really scary letting our kids grow up and become functioning and functional members of society – but they are going to grow up, whether or not we like it, so we better get #@# used to the idea!  And a big part of this is trust. We need to trust that we have given our children the tools to make good, safe decisions.  And then we need to trust them to make those decisions.  And to be there when they make a mistake to pick up the pieces. 

I think back to when I was a teenager and young adult – I didnt always make the right decision – but it all turned out OK in the end and I learned well from those mistakes.

I like Seth’s concept of the car… but my question is 1. how would the teenage driver feel, knowing his parents could monitor where he was all the time, and 2. what does this do for the parent’s peace of mind – being busy monitoring the car’s whereabouts instead of getting on with the rest of their life??  Maybe we’ll leave the GPS tracker out of our order…

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