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Filling in potholes

July 20th, 2005 · No Comments

You know how some roads get a weak spot and are forever getting full of potholes?  Maybe in a low lying area, where water underneath the road weakens it and the holes form?  And how the road maintenance crew come around and fill in the hole with a spade full of bitumen and stamp it down a bit, then do the same with the next hole, and the next.

And in the next good shower of rain (or sooner!), it all gets washed away and then some…?

And they come back with their shovels and patch it all again.

Never addressing the cause… the water under the road and the patch-upon-patch surface that has been totally undermined… and wasting huge amounts of taxpayers money in the process (or keeping the road crew fully employed, depending on your point of view).

Our life can be like that, cant it?  Something goes wrong, we hit a little hole in our existence.

And, because we are SO busy with so many things, we wait until we cannot stand it any longer, or the hole is doing a lot of damage and getting bigger and bigger, then we patch it up.  Throw a shovel-full in to stop the bumpy ride.

Only at the first sign of rain – bump.  Pothole is back.  On and on this goes… unless we take the time to work out the real cause of our pothole – which may involve getting in an expert or even digging up the road.

And yes, it may take more time and effort, and even money, to fix it good and forever – but you will sleep better knowing that that pothole aint ever coming back to annoy you.  (Other holes, yes, but that one should stay fixed).

In coming blogs we will discuss a few real-life examples of pothole-patching versus doing to job right first time.  Have you got any examples you care to share?

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