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Pothole #1 – a health niggle

July 20th, 2005 · No Comments

This is the start of my series of posts on the potholes in our life.

Have you ever had a health niggle that you didnt have time to deal with?  Have you ever patched a health niggle over and over again – without getting to the cause of the trouble?

Are you ‘too busy’ to take a rest when you arent 100%?

I have talked to people recently who have shared their stories:

  • One dear lady suffered from back pain for years.  Went to physio.  Went to the chiropractor.  Had massages.  Went to the doctor and was prescribed anti-inflammatories and pain killers.  But the bad back always returned – often at the most inconvenient of times.  Until one day she visited a new doctor who took one look at her, asked her to stand up and diagnosed that she had flat feet, fallen arches or some such thing and recommended she see a podiatrist for orthotics in her shoes.  The back pain went – pot hole filled.
  • Another person was suffering from ear ache.  So bad she went to the chemist for strong pain relief.  She didnt want to go to the doctor because ‘they would only prescribe anti-biotics’, and she ‘couldnt’ take time off work to rest and get better.  I am sure you can guess what happened.  The little pothole turned into a gigantic crater – she missed a week of work and was pumped full of strong medication to fix her ear, her hearing was in serious jeopardy… when a quick visit to the doctor, or even some tlc and rest, may have fixed it a lot earlier.

Do you pay attention when you get a little health niggle, or do you put on a brave face and ‘soldier on’?  These two are fairly mild instances of what can happen when you ignore a health pothole – and I am sure you have all heard worse.  What are you patching in your health at the moment?  What can you do to get to the cause and get a permanent fix?

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