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Expressing Gratitude

July 22nd, 2005 · No Comments

I’m sure I have talked about being grateful and saying thank you before.  But it all bears repeating (over and over again really… :) , and this time I am inspired by what Stacy Brice over at Virtualosophy had to say in her post The Rarest of Gifts.

The rarest of gifts she is talking about is the gift of a genuine Thank You.  She includes 6 tips from part #3 of Tom Peters Change This Manifesto on "100 Ways to help you succeed/make money Part 1" (check it out – some great stuff in there, and I have only just started reading it – love the quotes Tom gives for the art of saying Thank You) – and Stacy then goes on to talk about not only writing thank you’s (and making them a habit), but expressing heartfelt appreciation in different ways for all that you are grateful for.

And Stacy – I agree that though there is a time and a place for handwritten thank you notes – there is more often a time for expressing your thanks by a word, a look, a hug or a special deed.  Sometimes we can become tongue tied or fear we dont really sound genuine enough – but if the feeling comes from your heart, and is genuine and real – then the recipient will get the message, whether or not we are eloquent.

I think that gratitude can become a habit – just takes a bit of noticing, and remembering to notice…

When was the last time you expressed your gratitude to the people in your life?  Your soul mate, your children, your extended family and friends, your colleagues, your service providers, the people you come into contact with regularly?  If you appreciate them, let them know.  Make it a wonderful habit.

Thanks for reading…

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