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Pothole #2 – Paperwork

July 22nd, 2005 · No Comments

We are still talking about potholes in our lives – those holes that appear as a symptom of some bigger issue – and that we often patch up instead of dealing with completely.

Today I am thinking about paperwork.  I am in the midst of a big reorganisation in my home office, and I think I am finally effecting a complete resurfacing of the issue of paperwork, instead of just patching which has been my normal modus operandi.

Basically, the pothole is the amount of paper that lies around my office – growing into rather large piles that really drag my energy down.  Then, when I cannot stand it any longer, or an important task doesnt get done, a bill doesnt get paid or a deadline is missed… (can anyone relate here??)… I get out a bucket of bitumen and start patching (aka filing, sorting, culling and more filing).

But – the filing often only gets to a pile on top of the filing cabinet (which is in the wardrobe) – not even in the files!

And I finally worked out why.  When I sat down and really thought about it – and looked to effect a cure rather than a patch, I realised that I dont file because it is inconvenient.  (NOT because I am lazy and hate filing :) .  SOooo… my solution is to move the filing to a new cabinet behind my desk – right there when I swivel my chair around.  And to have a pile of folders and hanging files always to hand – so that I can file any piece of paper as it needs to be filed – without the issue of putting it in a ‘to file’ pile.

And this is spreading to the rest of my paperwork.  Now I have files at the ready and all set up (my handy dandy labelling machine makes them all look so great…) I am actually able to see the important things.  Woo Hoo.  Road resurfaced.  No more paperwork potholes.

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