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Detox Your Bathroom

August 5th, 2005 · 1 Comment

"Is your bathroom cabinet bulging with toxins?

Is your make-up or toilet bag a cocktail of chemicals that could do you harm?

Yes is probably the answer to both questions.

Check out the ingredients list on your bottles and jars: the higher up the list these 15 come, the greater the concentration.

So chuck out the offenders, look before you buy and invest in safer alternatives."

So says an article on a cancer related site in the UK.  Check out the article, 15 Ways to Detox your Bathroom, which describes in detail 15 ‘nasties’ in stuff we use every day on our face hair and body.  Enough to make me read labels REALLY closely in future.

So what are your thoughts on this?  Do you search out products that dont have these nasties, or are you willing to pay the price tomorrow for the beauty benefits and convenience of today?  I for one plan to research the alternatives – especially to three nasties I already knew a fair bit about – aluminium in deodorants, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) in anything sudsy, and formaldehyde (why are they putting embalming fluid in anything???).

One thing they dont point out, that I found out from personal experience recently, is that a lot of bed linen that is labelled easy care or non-iron has been treated with chemicals including formaldehyde to give them those properties.  And because we dont ingest or apply our bed linen, there are no labelling laws.  My recently purchased sheet set (NOT a cheap brand!) caused my face to break out in a really nasty raised red rash.  Once I worked out the cause, the sheets were soaked in white vinegar and hot water and laundered intensely before I could put them back on the bed.

Ever since I learned about the dangers of SLS, whenever I buy shampoo I always have this little twinge about buying one with SLS in it.  But I have never had enough of a twinge to stop buying my favourite brand and find one without SLS.  As soon as I have finished writing this, I am off to check the ingredients of my shampoo against the other 14 nasties on that list… wish me luck!

What’s this got to do with women who do too much?  It is all about looking after ourselves so that we can better look after everyone else and look gorgeous in the process… *grin*

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  • 1 Chris // Aug 8, 2005 at 10:30 am

    Friends always look gorgeous to me!!!

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