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Resources and inspirations for women who do too much

August 5th, 2005 · No Comments

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, my commitment to providing resources and inspirations for women who do too much was reinforced after spending three days last week in the company of some of the most amazing women I have ever met.

These women opened their hearts and shared their deepest selves – and their honesty and ability to be REAL touched my heart deeply.

Here is my current philosophy on Women Who Do Too Much.

1.    Women do too much, they rush around looking after everyone else and often dont take or find the time to do anything for themselves.  Their lack of self care becomes self-defeating – they ignore the ‘whispers’, sometimes even the loud knocks, until eventually they fall in a heap or get one of those "wake-up calls" we have all heard (or experienced).  And when that happens, their ability to do all that stuff for everyone else (yes, including the husband and the kids) becomes severely limited.  By not giving their best to themselves, they arent able to give their best to anyone or anything.  Are you ignoring any ‘whispers’ at the moment?

2.    This busy-ness can be a defence mechanism (sometimes conscious, often unconcious) – women fill their lives with activities ("I cannot sit still and relax, there is too much to do") to mask an emptiness or some issue or disconnect they are not willing or able to deal with.  They keep filling up potholes instead of digging deep and finding the cause.

3.    A lot of women are feeling – "there has got to be a better way!"  Or "there has to be more to life that this merry-go-round I am on!!"  But they dont have the time, the knowledge or simply the resources to work out what the better way is, or what else it is they want in their lives… or simply how to get off the merry go round for long enough to know who they are and what they want.  (We already know what everyone else wants)

Plus more, of course….

So I am working to provide Women Who Do Too Much with resources and inspirations (and permission) to reconnect with their joy, to find that knowing about who they are and what it really is they want out of life, and also to help with all the busy-ness, minutiae and trivia of their daily lives. 

So what’s your reason for doing too much???

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