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In our times of extreme busy-ness

August 8th, 2005 · No Comments

When life is like a runaway train, and you can see the week looming large and scary like Mt Everest in front of you – and your mind is playing dirty tricks and imagining rush and panic before it even happens… and you wonder how you will ever get to the other end of the week… STOP!

My week looms extremely large in my sights on this Monday morning.  Huuuge in fact.  I have noticed some extremely demoralising self-talk this morning.  Noticing it is always the first step to stopping it – if you’re not aware of the effect your thoughts are having on you, you cannot change anything.

So here is my strategy for getting through this week calmly, in control and without panic or meltdown.

1.    Breathe

2.    Stop and assess (with pen and paper) exactly what I have to do, each day…
the Must-Do’s, like the trip to Sydney, the funeral (and the ‘plate’ for the wake), the meeting with the school to set up the plan for my son’s subjects for yrs 11 & 12, clean uniforms for the week and food on the table, and not forgetting the workout so I keep up my fitness

3.   Determine a "if all I do this week is…" list to focus my priorities
This will include, for me, reading to my youngest each night and staying calm and focussed throughout the week, and getting on the plane in one piece

4.    Delegate/ask for help – any tasks that can be delegated to others, will be.  This includes essentials on the list in point 2.
For me – things like food on the table, clean uniforms and the ‘plate’ (my daughter makes a mean muffin!!)

5.    Remember self-care.  Without taking time to care for myself, I may very well fall in a huge heap before the end of this week… and that I cannot afford to do.  So I am going to remember to take care of me
This includes things like a workout, two walks (preferably WITH my husband), taking vitamins, watching my diet to ensure I dont fall back on sugar and caffeine to get me through the days or alcohol to get me through the nights, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour each night.

6.    Set your intention for your week
I will get through this week calmly.  I am in control, there is enough time, and all will be well.

What do you do when the week looms large and scary, and you’re afraid you are never going to make it to tomorrow, let alone next weekend??

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