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Pothole #3 – Laundry

August 16th, 2005 · No Comments

Does the very word ‘laundry’ make you shudder?

I have known many women who live in fear and trepidation of their laundry, and of ever gaining control over the mountains of washing, folding, and ironing that grow in ever increasing piles in one of the smallest rooms (or cupboards) in our homes…

Laundry is an issue where a lot of us fill in potholes, instead of digging deep, getting creative, and finding a permanent solution.

We spend all day Saturday washing, pegging, folding in order to see the dirty clothes basket(s) once more.  Or we attack the ironing pile (now gleefully taking up the entire spare bedroom) when Aunt Maud is coming to visit, or we run out of clothes (which ever comes first).  We put in a marathon effort – spending hours ironing the complete pile… and exhaust ourselves in the process.

BUT before you can turn around, or say "Bye Aunt Maud – it was lovely to see you", the pothole of laundry is baaack.

What we need is a system.  A routine.  Or some paid assistance.  Whatever works.

For me – I can load a washing machine, hang washing, bring it all in again and fold and put away.  No problemo most of the time.  I wash whenever I have time to actually hang the load so it doesnt grow smelly in the machine.

But I have a serious problem with ironing.  A real issue.

And so I outsource.  For me – it works that I need to have the basket of ironing on my front door step by 7am Monday mornings, and it is delivered back and hung on the rack in my garage by Tuesday afternoon.  Worth every cent.

How is it worth it?  Not only does it save me the time to actually DO the ironing, it means my family always have clean ironed clothes in the wardrobes when they need them.  It means my dear G never has to rummage around to find a shirt, it means I am never late for a meeting because I have to iron my favourite blouse, and it means I dont go and buy new clothes because I forgot what I have in the ironing pile.  It means we save on clothes for the kids because everything they have gets worn lots and never gets fished out of an ironing pile after months to find they have outgrown it. 

But more than all that, it frees up my energy to focus on something else more productive and enjoyable.  I call it mind-energy, and you’ll get used to me talking about it if you visit me some more.  That pile of ironing, or washing or folding is sitting there in the back of our minds… eating away at our energy without us really knowing it.  It’s that "I must get to that…" that stops us relaxing completely, knowing there is something we "should" be doing. 

Once you deal with it – and I mean DEAL with it (resurfacing so the pothole doesn’t come back) – you will be amazed at how much lighter you feel.

So – is laundry a pothole of yours?  What system, routine or outsourcing can you put into place?  What have you got to lose? 

What do you stand to gain?

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