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Technology Challenges

August 27th, 2005 · No Comments

As women who do too much, most of us rely on our technology to get us through the day and stay sane.  We would be lost without our mobile phones, sometimes email is our only contact with the outside world, and we feel like we have been set adrift at sea when our computer fails us. 

Along with the benefits and efficiencies of technology come the challenges. 

And boy, have I had my share lately.

It’s a long story, and I wont go into intricate details here (would probably bore you all to death…), but I will say that the old computer was having terminal issues.  Like failing to boot.

I DID manage to get a backup of everything on the machine on one of the afternoons when it graced me with it’s power.  So this isnt a tale of woe about loosing data.  Well, not really.

You see – it’s more a tale of passwords.  Like write down passwords, and logins and serial numbers for software – especially the ones you have downloaded after purchase rather than bought on disk.  I have now instigated a system to write down these things in a simple exercise book – kept somewhere away from the computer for safety, but available for times when systems fail and I need to load everything on to a new machine.  (as I did yesterday).

I am sure technologically literate people will tell me there are better ways of doing this – and I am sure there are.  But for now, a simple exercise book with handwritten entries seems like a really safe, secure option to me. 

Oh, and remember – back up back up back up…. I shudder to think what could have been if I hadnt followed this mantra …  you have been warned.  Dont think it cannot happen to you.

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