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Keep 'em busy

August 31st, 2005 · No Comments

There is nothing worse than a bored teen.  Especially a boy.  And sometimes this can throw you, when all of a sudden nothing interests him, and the hours he used to spend reading, or shooting hoops, or whatever suddenly become hours of discontent.

And believe me – there is nothing that will throw your equilibrium quicker than a bored teenage son.  BUT, I have discovered one remedy that seems to work for my son.  No guarantees it will work for all, or indeed any other, but in this case I have had a reprieve from his general moodiness this week – which is absolute bliss for a beleaguered Mum…

Keep em busy.  Keep em occupied.  And no, I dont mean by school work, and definitely not chores or ‘clean up your room’,  nor necessarily by out of the house activities (there are enough of them already!).  In our case, the thing that has wrought such a change is a project he is interested in. 

Our old amplified/receiver died.  Father and son went on a shopping expedition on Saturday and bagged themselves a bargain (isnt that the only way men can shop?).  Saturday night was spent installing this thing, then the last two afternoons spent trying to get the TV sound to come through it, and tonight, fiddling with the speakers (with – blissfully – Beethoven at full blast to get the effects of the surround sound just right).

Me – I dont really care about all this – mainly because being a little hearing challenged, I cannot notice surround sound.  But it has wrought a change I couldnt have otherwise forseen in my dear son.  And so I am encouraging wholeheartedly.

Now, what is the next home improvement project that I can interest him in??

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