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Planning for school holidays #2

September 5th, 2005 · No Comments

If you HAVE to work, or really are at a loss on what to do with the kids these holidays, here are some ideas:

  • check out your local library – they put on some fantastic programs for school aged children
  • check out the school newsletters, club notices, local bulletins, etc for notice of special interest camps and activities – these can range from sports clinics to ballet camps to scouting adventures to painting a plate…
  • have a look at your local council website – they often run school holiday activities
  • have a holiday theme – eg Spring Camp – and base your activities around the theme – eg pitch a tent in the back yard, and let them tell ghost stories, construct a flying fox or string and can walkie talkie, make damper and toast marshmallows, have ‘morning inspection’ of their ‘bunk’, have them make up their own fitness/endurance course in the backyard (and also clear it all away at the end of the holiday!!)… get the kids to come up with their own theme and rules and activities for the week.
  • trade days of kids with friends  (my sister and I have often traded days – one day hers come here, another mine go there… that way we both get a day to get things done, and the kids have a wonderful time playing with their cousins)
  • what about a baking day – have the kids plan a series of recipes they would like to make (biscuits and sweet treats, or perhaps even dinner for the family??) and then have them create a shopping list from their plan – give them the money and take them to the supermarket (but let them do it all – depending on their ages, you may still have to supervise) so they have ownership of the whole process
  • what about creation of a vegetable garden, or planting spring bulbs or having them plant a bed of potted colour to give them instant effect
  • turn seasonal chores into pocket money – cleaning windows, clearing out the garage, defrosting the freezer, even painting their bedrooms or oiling the outdoor furniture, all these can be sources of pride and cash to an enterprising teen
  • have an old fashioned day – where they get a few of their friends over and play board games like monopoly or scrabble or something more active like twister or charades
  • limit the number of movies they watch, or the hours of electronic games they play – a per day or per week allowance will hopefully encourage them to use their imagination
  • As children get older, they could do some community activity such as reading at the local aged care home, or assisting at a place for disabled children (there is a horse riding for the disabled place near us – the children must be 14 to volunteer, and comfortable around horses, and my daughter is counting down until she is old enough to help out)

What are YOUR kids going to be doing these holidays?  (and dont forget those summer holidays, looming large on the horizon)…

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