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Taking Time to BE

September 9th, 2005 · 2 Comments

Do you ever take the time to just BE?

I find that life is lived at such a frenetic, overloaded pace these days, that if I take the time to reflect on how I have been doing lately, I often notice that I have been so busy Doing, that I have not had time to Be.

And somehow I dont think I am alone.

Earlier today, I was mulling over some writing I did on Boxing Day last year – about how there was nothing, not a thing, I needed to do.  And nor did I want to do anything right at that particular time.  I had a glass of something cold and bubbly in my hand, my hubby on the couch with me, the kids occupied elsewhere in the house, and not a thing I felt like I should be doing.

I noticed it and revelled in it.

I didnt even pick up a new book I had been given – I didnt need to occupy my mind in that way.  For that, too, would be doing.

And now, over eight months later, I reflect that there have been way too few moments of being since then. 

So I am on a mission.  It is my intention to have moments of Being every day.  And yes, they may only be moments – but that is OK.  (and certainly better than nothing!)

And each weekend, I will take time to be – whether it is being with my kids, or my husband, or in the company of dear friends, or simply communing with nature.  I am making a pact with myself, limiting the ‘should do that’, and ‘ought to be doing this’ and being more in the moment. 

I guess this is something that has been with me all this week, as it follows from my concentration piece.  If we have a ‘mind like water’ as David Allen expouses in his book on organising, Getting Things Done – then we should be more in the moment and able to focus on our current task at hand without our thoughts wandering off to all the other things we should/could/oughta be doing.

Men cannot see their reflection in running water, but only in still water.

Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen closely.
–The Land
Before Time


What about you?  What’s your take on this?


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  • 1 Maryanne // Sep 10, 2005 at 2:21 am

    You are so right. I got an article today from a site called “Daily OM” the message for today was: Taking Time. Here is the link, http://www.dailyom.com/articles/2005/507.html
    I found it interesting that your post deals with the same topic. Hmmm. I guess I’d better listen huh?

  • 2 Karen // Sep 10, 2005 at 12:25 pm

    Thanks for pointing me to Daily OM… looks very interesting! Would you let me know what comes up for you as you listen?

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