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Super Heros Rule

September 14th, 2005 · No Comments

School holidays are in full swing here in our household, and the kids had an at-home day yesterday.  By the end of the day they had pretty much had enough of each others company.

Over discussion at the dinner table, youngest son (all of 7) suddenly piped up, speaking about his 12 year old sister "she is like dynamite – one touch and……….. boom!"

After we had all unsuccessfully hidden our reactions and mirth, she replied "the wick needs to be lit you know…"

Oh Dear.

So today, we went to the movies – the kids and I.  And we saw Sky High – about kids of superheros going to school and the challenges they face, finding out whether they are a hero or a sidekick.

And master 7 is discussing the film, and his belief in the power of superheros with me when it was over.  And he said we (including his siblings) all have superpowers.  He’s perfectly serious in his belief.  He even asked me – hey Mum, how do you get superpowers? 

Guess what he said his sister’s power was? Cranky Power.

Oh dear oh dear. 

Master 7′s power was ‘camoflage’ by the way.

I worked up enough courage to ask what he thinks MY power is… and he replied "Cooking Power" Now where the heck did he get that???

His fathers was "Working Power" – as in, zoom and a job’s done… wow, I wish I had that power!

So what is YOUR superpower?

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