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Blogging keeps Mums from feeling so isolated

September 23rd, 2005 · No Comments

Alright, I know I have something to say about Mothers and Blogs and
stuff here today.  I’m not exactly sure where I am going, so please
stick around and we’ll find out together.

Mothers with young children can feel quite isolated.  Heck, I know
how isolated I felt after I had had my eldest, all those years ago.
And how much of an impact that can have on your self-esteem.  Huuuge!

None of my friends who lived in the same state as me had kids.  And
my eldest was the first grandchild on both sides of our family.  And
yes, my mother and mother-in-law were close by – but I think they both
felt like they didnt want to intrude or become overbearing or tell me
what to do.  They were definitely supportive – and I wouldnt have
survived the time without them.  But they werent girlfriends (who were
also mothers) with whom I could chat, commiserating with every little
trial and tantrum, and celebrating every tiny little baby step (plus
the ones the baby was making as well!)

Where were ‘mummy blogs’ when I needed them?  There wasnt even a world wide web then.

And for mums who have often left career positions where they are
extremely competent and in total control of their destiny – having
children can be a shock akin to finding out your favourite perfume is
no longer in production, or that Tom Cruise is gay.

So I hail the advent of mummy blogs as the saviour of mum’s at home
trying to do it all alone with young children.  Of course, girls, you
have to get out of the house occasionally (and no, grocery shopping
doesnt really count).  But for those long hours at home, when your
girlfriends are all at work, or asleep, the mummy blog comes into it’s

Here are a couple I have found – you may want to explore the links
they offer, and open up a whole new wonderful world of celebrating
being a mum!

Blogging Mommies – a ‘webring’, with over 1400 members, this site will take you to a huge number of bloggers…

DotMoms – a weblog that a whole bunch of women contribute to, with amusing, outright hilarious, touching writing…

Warning – this can be very, very addictive!  Do try to limit the amount of time you spend on the computer!!

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