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Act as if…

September 24th, 2005 · No Comments

Is there something you really, really, really want?  I mean, Really?

Are you prepared to do anything to get it? 

Have you tried all the affirmations and visualisations and positive thinking stuff?

But you’re still stuck in that ‘wanting’ stage – not actually ‘getting’??

Hmm – seems to be a common problem.

We want to lose weight.  Have a great relationship.  Find our soul mate.  Get out of debt.  Get a job.  Get a better job. Start a business.  Grow a business.  Get fit and healthy.  Or just keep the most fragile of those balls we are juggling up in the air.

So why not try Acting As If you have already got what you want?  For example, let’s say you want to get back into the workforce.  You are sending out resumes, checking the internet job boards, approaching companies, polishing your resume and interview skills, right?  All great actions to take to get to your goal.  But what about acting as if you are already in the workforce?

This could include setting your alarm and getting up each morning at the time you would when you have a job.  Packing your lunch the day before.  Maybe even getting dressed and made up.  Hopping in your car, and possibly even commuting to where you would like to work.  Shopping for work clothes to suit the type of position you are aiming for.  Hanging out at lunchtime at places where you may hang out when you get the job of your dreams.  Checking out and organising child care and car pool arrangements so they are in place when you get the job.  Acting As If you already have that job.

Two big benefits here – besides attracting what it is you want to you, you are also in preparation, so that when it happens the transition is very smooth, because you have already been acting as if it were so.  This is particularly beneficial if the change you are after will affect the way your household (especially any children and spouse) operates.

For me, I am acting as if I already have a very high level of fitness and strength.  That going to my strength training sessions is something I always do (and it is becoming so much easier to get myself there and to feel GREAT as I put a tick against another week).  That getting up in the morning and putting on my workout gear and joggers is a natural part of what I do, as a precursor to going for a walk or whatever activity I have planned for the morning.  And you know what?  Although I know in my heart I am no where near my goals yet – every day I am taking small incremental steps thanks mostly to my acting as if.  And I am a lot fitter and stronger now than I was three months ago, let me tell you!  (and the positive reinforcement from my family has been absolutely vital, also! Teenboy and I compare weights now – "what did you bench press today, Mum?"  Hmmm, a whole new world of bonding and common interest – who knew???)

How could you act as if you already have the change you wish to see in your life?

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