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Watch out for the sun

September 24th, 2005 · No Comments

Spring is definitely here with a bang this week in sunny Queensland.  And yesterday, being the final week day of the school holidays, G and I took the boys to the beach.  Teenboy wanted to have another surfing lesson to build on his budding skill, and master 7 loves to jump the waves and bop about. (Gorgeous daughter decided she’d rather be with horses than sand…so didnt join us).

I spread the sunscreen on exposed bits as I got out of the shower in the morning, took along my very wide brim hat, and declined to get into my bathing suit (happy to sit on the beach and enjoy watching the surfers and the surf.)  Besides which, if I had put on my costume, it may have cleared the beach – all that shocking white skin would’ve blinded them all!

We were on the beach less than 2 hours (it was mid-day and we needed to retire to the gelati shop for a touch of sustenance…)

And yet, last night when we got home, as Teenboy was showing me his red arms and nose I realised my arms were tingling under the cardigan I had popped on because I was cold.

Then I realised why I was cold.  Oooh, sunburn!  Face, chest and arms, and a touch on my lower legs too.  Today, Teenboy is no longer red – just a shade browner.  He’s so lucky he got his father’s olive skin.  (And G and Master7 didnt suffer much more than a little pink on their face)  Me, I still look like an overcooked lobster.  (wail)   

My warning to you all – winter is officially over.  Declared that way by the first burn of the season.   Remember to slip, slop, slap – and for goodness sake, dont forget about reflected rays!  My face and chest were covered by my hat the whole time we were in the sun – and they are still red.  Next time, I will know better than to trust my morning application of sunscreen.

Oh, and the b*ggr of it is, I wore a cap sleeve t-shirt so now have stripes on my arms, you think I could’ve at least worn a sleeveless shirt? 

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