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Thoughts on working from home – it works for me

October 3rd, 2005 · No Comments

I work from home.  Have telecommuted for over 10 years now – at
first only one day each week, with the other days in the office, but
this changed about the time I had my youngest son who is now 7.  So,
with my corporate job I have a stack of experience telecommuting.

And now, with the advent of The Clearing Space, I am also running my own business out of my home office.

And whenever I meet someone new, or catch up with an old friend who
I havent seen for many moons, one of the first questions they always
ask me is – how do you stay on track?  How do you not get distracted by
the internet/housework/day time television?

My answer is – it’s all a matter of discipline.  And yes, I am human (what??) and I have days where it is really
hard to get enthused.  And if I was in an office I’d have to just get
on with it anyway.  But here at home, I actually find on those days
where it just isnt happening I can divert my energy (or lack of, more
like it) into something else for a while until I find my groove once
again.  And then, when I’m back in the saddle I am much more effective
than if I had just pushed through.

And because I have worked for a boss for all these years, the traits
of an employee are fairly ingrained.  The biggest of these is my
gratitude to my boss for trusting in me enough to get the job done and
be effective, working from home.  This brings on a sense of obligation
and doing the right thing, not abusing that trust.

The television never goes on in this house until late afternoon or
sometimes not even until after dinner.  Therefore, I am NEVER tempted
to turn the TV on and watch something.  It doesnt even enter my mind.
Loud music, though, is something else entirely!

The internet similarly is not a problem.  Up until recently, my
internet connection was dial up 28.8 sloooow… I would be frustrated
in 2 seconds flat, so no surfing was the rule.  I have never got into
the habit.

Housework – OK this one is a little curlier.  I have been known to
throw a load of washing in the machine.  And to pull it out and hang it
on the line (when I remember :) during work hours.  But as I work
solidly at my desk most of the time, I feel that this going outside to
hang wash is actually quite clearing to my brain, with the added
benefit of some bending and stretching.  And no, I am not tempted to
dust, mop floors or scrub bathrooms.  Not tempted at all.

In my corporate position, I work to set hours, set days.  I take my
free days off – 99.9% of the time.  I let work calls go to message bank
when I am not working, and will return the call on my next work day
unless it is urgent. 

Telecommuting is not for everyone, and I will be writing more on the
subject of working from home in the coming months.  To do, or not to
do.  That sort of thing.  So, do you have a burning question or two
about working from home and whether it’s right for you or not?  Or do
you currently work from home and have something to share about how this
works, or doesnt work, for you?

I’d love to hear from you!  Please either leave a comment below, or email me.

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