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The other side of the Christmas Shopping Picture

October 12th, 2005 · 2 Comments

Over at Lip-Sticking ‘Jane’ has reminded us about being prepared for the coming holiday season.  Only her emphasis is from the other side of the equation – the sellers.

She reminds us about getting prepared to sell to the women, especially mothers, who will quite often shop online.  (I know this for a fact, did a few bits of Christmas shopping this morning myself, online!)  If you run a small business, have you done your planning of how to make the most of the Christmas season?  Is there something you can offer as a bonus or incentive, or reason to come back to you in the New Year?  Or is there a complimentary business you can team up with to the benefit of both?  Is your website geared up to provide an easy customer friendly shopping experience? (note to self – check it!)

Jane goes on to talk about how women, in particular mothers, shop:

No doubt, and you can quote Jane on
this, the ladies will get their gifts via the net, or…put together
lists compiled via the net…and send Dad out to truck through the
stores. We do this, BTW, because — Dad will take the list, grab the
gift, pay for it, throw it in the trunk, and hurry home. When Mom takes
the list to the store — you can bet she comes home with a dozen extra
items that were NOT on the list.

Oh, you have got to love this girl’s logic!  She is so right about how Dad shops – tag and bag and outta there!  No matter how much we girls like shopping, the novelty wears real thin as the crowds thicken, the weather heats up (here in Australia, anyway), and our cash dwindles… accept it – gift shopping is just NOT the same as a hunting expedition for new shoes is it?

Righto G – I have a new mission for you (might take a bit of convincing, but the bit about blowing the budget if I do it, ought to do the trick… *grin*)…

Tags: Resourcing for Women Who Do Too Much

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  • 1 Yvonne DiVita // Oct 12, 2005 at 11:22 pm

    Seems to me, and I may be going out on a limb here, but shopping for women (in bricks and mortar stores) has become an excuse to get together for coffee. We love those shoe expeditions, but want to stop mid-sale and have a nice hot cup of java, with a friend. Then, the laughing and chatting ensues…and the shopping falls by the wayside.

    Which means, we’ll log on when we get home and reverse the process: order online from stores that offer free shipping and easy returns. Hey, as Jane likes to say, what’s not to like about that? Thanks for the trackback, Karen!

  • 2 Karen // Oct 15, 2005 at 5:03 pm

    Thanks Yvonne – as usual you really get to the core of the matter. Laughing, chatting and connecting with a good friend or two is so much more important that bagging a bargain.

    I just wish that Australian stores were as advanced as those in the US when it comes to online shopping with free shipping and online returns… we’re getting better but not fast enough (anyone want to challenge that??).

    Thanks for the comment!

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