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Broken Bones and Healing Lessons

October 19th, 2005 · No Comments

Teenboy broke his hand yesterday!  At school.  They iced it, and sent him back to class.  By the time he got home it was rather swollen.  I phoned the doc, and we went down at 5 – of course by that time everything else is closed, so we were given a referral request for x-rays and sent home for the night.

This morning, we shuffled off to x-ray (and managed to sneak a peak at the x-ray as they were checking the images – could actually SEE the displacement in the bone under his little finger.)  Then off to the doc, who took a quick look at the x-ray and said he’d write us a referral to an orthopedic surgeon (Oh, I hope he doesnt need the ‘surgeon’ bit!!!).  The doctors receptionist phoned three local ortho’s before she found one who could see us today – at 6pm.  Instructions – he’s in surgery until then, the medical centre will be all locked up, so just wait outside until he arrives.  He has my mobile phone number, and will call me if he gets held up in surgery.  Oh boy.

Meanwhile, teenboy is in a lot of pain – we’re icing and elevating, pain killers arent having much effect… and he’s on his third dvd of the afternoon (I’ll have to go back and hire some more if this continues).

And this is all his own fault.  He swung a fist and it connected with the wrong thing… someone’s elbow.  And at first, it was all the other guys fault for kicking him first (twice… he’s got the bruises to prove it).  But I have finally got through to him that he will be sitting out the rest of the water polo season (including possibly his chance to compete as a member of the state team) because of his action, and his action alone.  He cannot blame the other guy.  Nobody made him swing.

I am seriously considering buying him a punching bag once his hand has healed (and some gloves), and letting him get that build up of testosterone or whatever it is out of his system in a safe and harmless way.

Meantime, wish me luck tonight (and hope the ortho turns up!!), and I will give you the second exciting installment tomorrow…

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