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Broken bones…part 2

October 21st, 2005 · No Comments

Thanks for your patience, if you’ve been sitting there, anxiously waiting for the next exciting episode in The Broken Hand saga… (no?  I didnt think so…)

Big sigh here… we met with the orthopod at 6pm Wed evening, and because the bones were out of place, he gave teenboy two options.  1.  get knocked out (drugs, dear, not another fist fight, please!) under general and then they would put the hand back in to place, or 2. try a local anaesthetic right here right now.  Brave boy, chose the local (although he did say that having a general would be ‘cool’..??).  I think he regretted that decision, as he seems to have inherited my resistance to locals… he felt every blasted tug and twist…poor kid!  Now, two days later he’s still on panadeine forte 4 times a day in order to function at school.  His hand has a half cast (down one side to the wrist) and is heavily bandaged.  And he’s cool with that, and the inability to write at school, and even the bit about not being able to take notes in class (unfortunately he goes to an all boys school, so no girls to get sympathy class notes off).  Not so good about the trials for regional water polo team – but you get that.

So today, in lieu of a total nervous breakdown, I met my sister at the shops, had a cuppa and a chat – caught up on the happenings in each other’s busy busy lives (she’s moving house in a week!) and then … we treated ourselves to a relaxing pedicure, complete with massage chair.  And you know what, despite the traumas of the week I’m doing OK.  (Him?  Oh, he’s just fine and dandy, thankyou, going to a party with mates tonight & sleeping over… )

I am now looking forward to a relaxing evening – watching a movie with G in the comfort of our  lounge (children only allowed on invitation), with something delicious to eat and something cool in a tall glass. 

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