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Eating and Weighty Issues

October 28th, 2005 · No Comments

It is enough to do your head in! 

Have you noticed that there are so many polarised opinions on what it is you should eat to be healthy, or to lose weight?

There is the low fat lot – where you eat reduced fat or no fat food in order to lose weight (Weight Watchers and the like).  I blame this lot for it being very hard to find full-fat yoghurt in my local supermarket for my kids to eat.  Everything seems to be fat-modified – what happened to food as nature intended?

Then there is the low carb/no carb alternatives.  Where you eat oils and fats (the good, healthy ones, not the bad ones), lot of protein and veggies, but little or no carbohydrate.  BUT wait – there are studies saying this is bad for you… something about kidneys isnt it?

The food combining (dont eat carbs and protein at the same time) programs like Fit for Life (it also says only eat fruit before noon – tried that once.  I could never last until noon!!)

There are the some fat is good and necessary, and the all fat is bad for you choices.  With studies and medical mumbo jumbo to back up both sides of the argument.

And the carbs are bad, versus carbs give energy schools.  Not to mention the varying definitions of what a ‘carb’ is!

And the anti-sugar brigade – that ALL processed sugar is bad, although, of course, some say fruit is OK.

All sides have ‘studies’ and ‘double blind surveys’ with findings to back up their claims.  Of course.  And have you looked at the health and fitness section of your local bookstore lately???

Isnt it enough to make your head explode?

So how do we, your average, non-dietitician citizens of the world, make healthy choices on what to feed our families and ourselves?

Are we so caught up in convenience and hurry hurrying that we are willing to accept the minimal food value of a lot of the food on the supermarket shelves?  And then have to turn to special diets to lose weight because we arent eating plain good food.  (And I dont mean that good food has to be plain – far from it!)

The movement to organic, free range, growth hormone-free, antibiotic-free, non-genetically-modified food is gathering momentum.  The pendulum is swinging.  We are starting to realise that all the ‘diets’ in the world arent going to do it for us.  What we need is good, wholesome food as nature intended.

Then we wont need all these reduced fat, low carb, chemical cocktail, genetically engineered ranges of cardboard, will we?

What’s your take on this?  Are you happy with the choices you make for you and your family?

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