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Letting Go – hitting the refresh key

October 31st, 2005 · No Comments

Continuing with the subject of Letting Go – with inspiration by Emmer’s comment on my last post:

You are so right, it is often difficult to let go because we feel
afraid of what will possibly happen if we do. What if’s come to mind
and prevent us from "refreshing" ourselves. Why is it we can hit that
"refresh" button so often on our computer and not nearly as much in our
day to day dimensional world?

Letting go is all about fear.  Fear that what we are leaving behind in someway will diminish us, or that we will never get it that good again.  Fear of the unknown in front of us.  Fear that we are making a mistake, or fear that people will laugh at us, or think we are crazy.  It’s also about pride.  That somehow if we let go, we are giving up, and will be a ‘failure’.

It takes huge courage to let go – to hit that refresh button. 

But letting go, refreshing some aspect of our life, can open the door and clear the space for new and exciting things to enter.

Once we clear the space (yes, that is what I am all about!!) we have room in our lives for the new job, the new business, the new relationship, the new abundance, the new energy, the new beginning!

What is it you are clinging tightly to – that you most need to let go of?

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