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Social Rules of Engagement

November 13th, 2005 · No Comments

The calendar on the wall in our kitchen is showing signs of
overload, and if something isnt on the calendar – it is just NOT

On Saturday my youngest child said – hey Mum, can I go to Monica’s
party?  I said Yes, sure.  And remembered somewhere in the deep
recesses of my mind that we received an invitation a million years ago
(well, early October anyway) to a girls party, and the RSVP date wasn’t
until early November so I just put it down somewhere (could have sworn
it was on the top of the pile???).  He then says, It’s Today!

How’s that for creating guilt for Mum?

To cut a long story short, he wasnt terrifically fussed about
missing the party (thank goodness) and we had a discussion about what
to do with party invites in the future.  First thing – decide if you
want to go.  2. write it on the calendar.  3.  Get Mum (or Dad, let’s
not be sexist here) to RSVP immediately

OK, yes this is a sign that I didnt follow those rules, and they
needed to be set – again.  But it’s also a sign that our lives are
getting busier by the day, there are speech nights, graduations, work
and school parties, social engagements galore – and that’s just this week (heaving a big sigh…)

And I would like to reinforce to all that If It’s Not On the Calendar, It’s Not Happening!

This goes doubly for spouses who phone you at 5 about a function that’s on at 6, saying – "I told you about it!" 

What are the social rules of engagement in YOUR house?

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