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For Busy Women who LOVE to read…

November 23rd, 2005 · 2 Comments

This is one of those ideas where you go – now, why didnt I think of that? 

I recently joined Slim Ink"your premuim library on the internet".

Now I have experienced their service (prompt, efficient, professional), I would like to shout out loud to all women (and the men in your lives, too)

Basically, new release paperbacks and bestselling books are delivered to your door.  You read, enjoy and return – no due date/no late fee.  Two different monthly plans (either 2 or 4 books at a time) with free return postage.  They have a growing library of fiction and non fiction, childrens books and new releases.

My first lot of books were despatched the day I joined.  They arrived in my mail box the next day!  (OK, they are despatched from Brisbane, so I would expect a speedy delivery, but it shouldnt be much different anywhere else in Australia). 

When I finished, I sent 2 books back (on Wednesday last week), and today (Monday) 2 new ones I had selected were in my mail box.  Each arrives with its own bookmark, covered in contact and in perfect condition.  (You keep up to 15 books on your ‘reading list’ at a time).

If you love to read, and buying books is both a drain on the budget and bookshelf space, and you love the idea of having books (of your own choosing) delivered to your door – no time limits, no late fees – (and you live in Australia!) then give Slim Ink a go! 

They will even sell you the book if you want your own copy to keep.

At the moment, there are a few specials, making it a great time to join.

If you sign up in November, and place my name and post code (Karen Wallace, 4306) in the “How did
you hear about us?” box, I will receive a 3 month Gift
Membership Voucher (value of $60) for every three referrals.

As this endorsement is coming from my heart, and not my wallet,  each gift membership I receive due to your joining will be given away to lucky subscribers of Sanctuary (which, as you all know at the moment is at no charge!) 

If you’re not already a member, sign up for Sanctuary today to have a chance of winning! 

As well, as new members of Slim Ink, after three months membership you will receive 50% off the RRP on a one-off purchase of up to 2 books from Slim Ink.

But wait – there’s more! (nope, sorry, no steak knives this time…:)

For those of you looking for the perfect Christmas gift – clutter free! – Slim Ink are offering a discount of 10% off ALL gift memberships until 3 January 2006.

Please check them out, and remember to name me as your referer to go into the draw for the 3 month gift subscription/s (how many books could you read in 3 months??)

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