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How is your holiday season shaping up?

November 24th, 2005 · 2 Comments

Is your gift shopping all done?

Plans made?

Cards written?

Holidays booked and paid for?

Entertainment plans well underway?

Kids organised?

Hmmm… for those of my readers in the US, I am SURE you have
Thanksgiving sussed, and if you dont, well it’s too late now.  Try
again next year.

But there is still Christmas.

I have one child finishing school tomorrow for the year, and two
weeks to go till the other 2 break up.  And so the past two weeks has
been a bit of a frantic dash to get a lot of stuff done and out of the
way before the onslaught of three rowdy, rambunctious, large kids
descending on the house with their various friends and hangers-on.
Until their requests for taxi services and constant grazing at the
fridge take over my days…

And I wonder why I have put myself thru this manic activity to ‘get organised’ before their holidays start.

It’s not so much because my kids get underfoot or need to go
everywhere with me (not any more, thank goodness).  It’s because of all
the other kids that are also on holidays, and who seem to have nothing
more exciting to do than descend on shopping centres in mobs, or towing
behind their mothers (kicking and whining…).  I cannot stand trying
to shop (and think, it is necessary for one to think whilst one is shopping for Christmas gifts, I find) when they are overrun with crowds.

And I also like to enjoy December.  Which I cannot if I have major shopping and organising tasks hanging over my head.

So, yes I have rushed around like the proverbial madwoman – and 90%
of my shopping is done.  I would like to say the gifts are all wrapped,
but they are not… (except for one particularly large box which was
impossible to hide, so I wrapped it and it is now hidden in plain view
without a tag, so the kids are all trying to guess who it is for – grin
- I love that part!!!)

Was it worth it?

Hmmm… I really am not sure about that.  I think I just brought all
the pressure onto myself in a big rush, in my bid to prevent the
nastiness of those Christmas crowds.   

I have decided today to turn around my thoughts.  From overwhelm to
organised.  From madness to magic.  It’s not my actions that need to
change, just my thoughts around those actions.

For instead of thinking that I have to get the shopping done, and the planning, and this, and that, and if I dont get this all done NOW I will be so stressed….
(yes, I am sure you see the irony in that particular line of thinking,
but you know until today, I didnt!!!) I am now thinking along the lines
of what I can get done now will be fantastic.  Anything that doesnt get
done before the kids finish school will be easy to finish later (after
all, I have another whole month to go before d-day).  And as to the
holiday shopping crowds, I KNOW there are ways around them. 

What’s that?  You wanna know my secrets to battling the crowds? oh, ok.

1.    Do NOT, repeat, do NOT leave it until Christmas Eve (I heard a
news bulletin the other day saying that Christmas Eve this year
promised to be a huge record sales day because it is also a Saturday.
Heck – you wont catch me within 10 kms of a store that day.)

2.    Go Early.  Yes, as early in December as you can manage, but
that’s not what I mean.  I mean, be there in the morning as soon as the
shops open.  Before it gets hot, before the teenagers get out of bed…
before the crowds.  It is probably better to go a couple of times for
an hour or two early in the morning than to spend a whole day
shopping.  You’ll be fresh, you’ll have more energy and you’ll beat the
crowds.  [just dont share this with TOO many other people, or you'll
ruin it!]

3.   Have a plan, make a list, know your budget, think clutter free,
wear your comfortable shoes and remember to take a bottle of water with

4.    Send your other half out to do the shopping.
Men are much better at sticking to a list – if you can talk him into
it, if he has the time, and if you can bear to let him do it – it could
be the perfect solution.

5.    Dont go shopping.  Yup, you heard me.  Get on line or get on the phone and let your fingers do the walking.

So, how’s your holiday season shaping up?

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  • 1 naomi // Nov 28, 2005 at 9:53 pm

    I think I’m pretty clever, for this Christmas, the gifts I am giving are, to me, SO simple. My four year old son has painted, rather beautifully, wooden keyrings; I bought 6 in a bag for $2 at Spotlight back in June. And with the help of inexpensive “$2 Shop” frames, my sister and parents are receiving photos of my boys. My husband loves to cook, so my last few grocery shops I have bought three or four ‘fancy’ pantry items that – hopefully – will inspire him! I’ll whack them in a new ‘recycle’ bag and that’s done. I probably sound slack in my approach, but I don’t like the idea of sending myself nuts, when we are in fact, supposed to be celebrating the birth and life of Christ. For me, the irony is too great.

  • 2 Erin // Dec 1, 2005 at 3:42 am

    I love these tips!
    I bought all my gifts on-line this year! Got to love it =)

    Steve and I decided we will stay at our home this Christmas and not travel all over town this year. Family will be traveling to us!

    Steve is sticking to the list and checking it twice. He’s a lot better than me =)

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