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Staying positive during the holidays

November 24th, 2005 · 2 Comments

As you may have seen from my last post,
it is difficult, even for the perennially optimistic, to always stay
positive during the holiday season.  I already succumbed to moments of
total insanity in the last two weeks, where I felt totally snowed under
(typical super woman syndrome, I am sure you have never felt that
yourself??) and slightly out of control.

Today I found a lovely post by Lucy Macdonald at Positive Perspectives, on How to Stay Positive During the Holidays.   (Thanks Lucy!)

Lucy says "Holidays are for celebrating what is truly important to you, your
family, and friends. Make it the holiday you want it to be and chances
are you will keep a positive attitude

She lists five simple ways to keep that positive outlook happening,
including make a budget, avoid over-scheduling, get as much sleep as
you can, and spread your socialising in the months after the holidays.
But the one that resonated the most with me today is Lower your expectations – don’t strive for perfection, good enough is okay.

is the killer isnt it?  The problem is, quite often we dont see
ourselves as the perfectionists we really are.  We think we just want
to make it a happy occasion for the whole family, we want everyone to
have a good time, to not be stressed, to laugh and have – wait for it -
the perfect time.

Yes, it WAS lurking there, wasnt it?  Perfect perfect perfect.  The word should be banned.

It is valuable to sit down and think, really think about our expectations of the holidays.  And to discuss them with others.   

Think about it.  Are you assuming that you know what everyone
wants?  Are you striving to meet expectations that arent even there?
Are you trying to make things ‘perfect’ when in reality that isnt what
those you love think of as perfect?  And most important of all – what
do you consider to be the most joyous part of the holidays? 

Check your expectations – throw perfect out the window – celebrate and enjoy.

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  • 1 Lucy MacDonald // Nov 24, 2005 at 7:45 pm

    Thanks for mentioning my post in your blog. I think you’ve hit on the most important idea – lowering expectations. Having raised four children I can tell you that the lowering of expectations – especially about the stuff that is not truly important – is the way to go.

  • 2 Lin // Nov 25, 2005 at 12:28 pm

    Now call me perverse but I like shopping in crowds. I think it is cheerful being at the shops when everyone else is there too. I don’t enjoy waiting in queues but I enjoy the camaraderie of grimacing understandingly at other people going through the whole process too. I like hearing the snippets of conversation about whether to get golf gloves for your father or what size t-shirt to get for your sister. I even go so far as to look in people’s trolleys to see what they are buying so I can get some inspiration. But I do hate finding a car park at the best of times!

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