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Last Minute Shopping – DONT Panic!

December 22nd, 2005 · No Comments

So you’ve left it to almost the last minute again?

Schools are out for the summer (well, here in Australia anyway), the
shops and malls are crowded with complaining kids and their weary
rushed parents, and bands of teenagers just wanting to have fun.  The
mercury is climbing higher and higher and the heat is on!

So sit back and relax, at least you’ve got all your shopping done.

What?  Havent you?

Then right about now you’re starting to panic big time, and see
yourself reflected in the crazed eyes of every other woman you pass in
the mall.

Sooo what can we do about it?  What we need here is a strategy, a Plan with a capital P.  Ready?

It is all about taking it one step at a time, and not getting into a fluster or a panic.  And PLANNING. 

Sit down somewhere quiet and go through your gift list.  Be a little
creative.  Could you organise gifts like hampers, fruit boxes, flowers,
magazine subscriptions, subscriptions to online services such as Slim Ink,
that can all be done without leaving the comfort of your home or
office, and can be delivered directly to the recipient (thereby also
saving you on wrapping marathons!!!).

For those that you absolutely MUST shop for (often it’s the kids)
then here are my personal tips for surviving the malls (of course, if
you just looove crowds and shopping, then carry on!):
    -    go early – be the one camped at the door when they open in the morning
    -    take your list, prepared the night before, including what you are shopping for and WHERE you hope to get it
    -    take a bottle of water, possibly even some snacks so that you dont need to stop to replenish your energy
  -    at this time of year, may I be so bold to suggest that you
forget comparison shopping?  Pick the store you know usually has
competitive prices, and just try and do it all in the one spot
-    utilise pre-wrapped or free gift wrapping services if you can -
they will save you so much time and energy when you get the lot home!

Now if you’ve really left it too late, there are always gift cards
and money … the gift cards are great, because the recipient can get
more value for your money in the sales after Christmas!  All my nieces
and nephews are getting these this year (and the best part is it took 5
minutes to buy for all 6 of them, and all I do is pop them inside a
card and the wrapping is done – too easy.)

And always remember, the greatest gifts really are the ones money cannot buy.

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