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January 2006 – a month of reflection and rest

January 10th, 2006 · 1 Comment

I am now 10 days into my 30 days of rest and reflection to start
2006.  The weeks seem to be flying by… but I realise that is only
because each one is precious to me, and there are things I want to
accomplish in this time.

Isnt it always the case that when we have holidays, time off, and
special days, the time flies by so much faster than when we are working
and doing the chores of daily existence?

We often seem to live our lives in anticipation of the special
times, only to have them disappear into memory before we have taken the
time to appreciate them.

So, this holidays I am making a very conscious effort to be fully
conscious of NOW.  This very moment.  For it is all I have.  It isnt
always easy (especially with seemingly endless lists of things I want
to get done).  And I have to remind myself when I start getting ahead
of myself, thinking about next week, this weekend, tomorrow, or even

Dont get me wrong – I am definitely planning for next week, the
weekend and tomorrow.  But I am not allowing the planning process to
get in the way of my appreciation of the time I have today.  I am
finding myself fretting less about what needs to get done, and just
doing what I can in the moment.

And with our routine all shot to pieces because of holiday mode, I am finding I have to relax and go with the flow, because that is the only way to stay sane with a house full of kids.

My resting has been more of the active variety (rather than lazy
days and afternoon naps)… We have had family get-togethers, days out
with the kids, movies and shopping.  New Year’s Day found us trekking to Mooloolaba Beach for
a morning of sun, sand and surf, fish and chips for lunch on the spit,
then up to Coolum for Gelati – what a way to welcome in the new year!

Captain Scarlet’s 16th birthday last Friday we celebrated with a brilliant seafood lunch at the Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast after the boys played a game of golf at Royal Pines Resort in the morning (Gorgeous Girl and I opted for the leisurely start to the morning and a bit of window shopping before lunch).

There have been trips to get new school shoes, and yesterday I spent
2 hours to get Gorgeous Girl fitted out with uniforms for her start at
high school later this month.  And of course there was the inevitable
packing away of all the Christmas decorations which seemed to be up for
such a short time this year.

Amoungst all the busyness I have managed to read a couple of books, and my reflections have been coming thick and fast – whenever I get quiet moments I sit with my notepad and sketch out my ideas.

I am counting on wonderful things this year.  New things.  Really exciting things. 

So I would ask you, my dear reader, to indulge me in my rest and
reflections and concentration on each precious moment.  You will
continue to see little activity here for the remainder of the month as
I celebrate my birthday; as my dear hubby and I celebrate 20 wonderful
years of marriage and as we spend some time surfing, sunning and
totally vegging out before the children start the new school year.

I trust you will have a great month, that the weather is kind to
you, and I really look forward to connecting with you again in February.

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  • 1 Marjorie // Jan 15, 2006 at 11:15 am

    Glad to hear you are in ‘relax’ mode, Karen. Spare a thought for those of us who are back at work and wondering where (and how!) the holidays went! Happy Holidays! Happy Birthdays! Happy Anniversary!

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