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Being passionate about your work

March 15th, 2006 · 2 Comments

Lately, I have been reminded of something I knew, but had temporarily forgotten. 

The more you have passion, enthusiasm and engagement with your work, the more everything in your life works.

I talked about how large a part passion plays in our enjoyment and productivity at work in a post back in January.  I promised to continue the discussion, so here I am.

When I am fully engaged in something for The Clearing Space:

  • I drink enough water
  • I consume less caffeine and sugar
  • I take the time to feed myself better
  • my house is tidier
  • the washing gets done
  • I feeeeel like exercising, so I actually do it
  • I not only think about cleanse, tone and moisturise – I actually do it twice a day
  • the kids and hubby (see bottom point:) are happier
  • I give the kids better planned and healthier school lunches
  • my diary is more organised
  • I remember to phone my Mum
  • and most of all, I have more energy!

In comparison, when work is a drudge or stressful or boring (ie in my corporate days) it all goes to pot completely.  I have often got to the end of a work day and wondered why I was so thirsty . . .

Two takeaways from this:

  • How you feel about work impacts every aspect of your life – not just your effectiveness at work
  • Sometimes it is imperative you put the cart before the horse – look for and find work you are passionate about before you try and get your life into order (not the other way around) – even though that seems counter-intuitive.  You may find once you have the work, the rest of your life falls into place

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  • 1 Emmer // Mar 16, 2006 at 4:19 am

    You are so right. The more passionate you are, the more it spills into other aspects of your life. It oozes out of your very soul. The opposite is true as well. I find myself thinking along these lines lately. Maybe it’s because as I get older I realize more and more that what you’re saying is true, very true. I’m not getting much done these days. Time to go find me some passion. Thanks for your wisdom.

  • 2 Karen // Mar 20, 2006 at 9:19 am

    Thanks for the comment Emmer! I agree that it is as we get older that we realise how important it is that we are passionate about the things we spend our time on. Sorry to hear you’re not getting much done these days – but I am positive you’ll find that passion now you’re looking for it. Will you let us know how you go?

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