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Doing a great job, not just a good job #2

March 27th, 2006 · No Comments

Thanks for your response to my post on The difference between doing a good job and doing a great job

There, we discussed the need to ‘refresh’ the page on our work – be it corporate or small business. . .and check out our underlying assumptions and paradigms by taking a different view of the business and how you do your work. 

In this post I want to highlight the benefits of being ‘great’ versus just being ‘good’.

  • When you do a great job, you get noticed by the leadership of the organisation (and yes, if you do a bad job, you also get noticed, but for all the wrong reasons)
  • Being noticed can lead to increasing opportunities, career progression, fatter salary, etc etc
  • Being noticed can also greatly increase your level of bullet-proofing should layoffs threaten
  • When you do a great job, the leadership of other organisations also often notice, and you may find yourself being approached with new, tantalising job offers (always helpful if downsizing threatens).  At the very least, your reputation will provide you with a better reference should you move organisations
  • When you do a great job, you feel fully alive, you’re in charge, your motivated and you gather more and more momentum, like a snowball as it rolls down a steep slope
  • Your staff (if you have any) will reflect your commitment to your job (as may the odd boss) and the performance of the whole team will reach new highs
  • Your skills and talents will be sharpened by doing a great job
  • You will find less friction and more success should you decide to move sideways within your organisation – ie you will have a lot more support for your ‘reinvention’ if they believe you will do a great job of it
  • You may discover new passions and even your dream job along the way, as you polish your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses

A Note from The Universe recently said it better than I could:

Treating "any old job" as if it were your dream job is the fastest way to spark the kind of life changes that will yield your dream job.

So why would you do less than a great job?

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