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Do you feel like you’re stuck on one of those electronic treadmills?

May 5th, 2006 · No Comments

know, the ones you set the speed on, and then start walking, jogging or
running in place, never getting anywhere (unless you belong to one of
those fancy schmancy gyms where they have the video connected to the
treadmill and you run through scenery…) . . . day in, day out, your
feet are doing the work, your heart beat is way up, the sweat is
dripping in your eyes and running down your back . . . and you cannot
reach the off button – it seems to be forever stuck in fast forward.

feel like you’re putting in all this effort, all these hours, all this
sweat, tears and shoe leather, and yet you have very little to show for
it. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend on that treadmill today –
you’ve still got to get up and get right back on that sucker again

That treadmill can be like your career – it
seems to be stuck in the rut caused by your own two feet running on the
spot all the time. No matter how much you wanted to do what you do, no
matter how passionate you were about your life calling in the
beginning, it is still feeling like a rut.

You feel so
deep in the hole you’ve created for yourself – you know – the mortgage,
the car, the debt, the kids education (or you’re still paying for your
own education), the lifestyle… and you cannot see a way out.

Well, except for winning the lottery, that is.

all know our chances, realistically, of winning a large amount of money
and swanning off into the sunset . . . none, really.)

have probably tried to get out. You’ve done assessments. You’ve set
your goals. You read the positions vacant column religiously, and get
emails constantly from internet job boards. You buy any magazine and
book that has a headline talking about Getting a Life, Escaping the
Grind, Sea Changes, Finally Getting Organised. You name it. But
somehow, life intervenes, and the good ideas become bits of flotsam
that float past you as you trudge along on your treadmill some more.

Your life feels colourless… grey even.

You’re jealous of your neighbour because she made the time to book herself in for a deluxe pedicure (for pete’s sake).

at The Clearing Space I am ready to slam on the emergency brake, throw
you a rope and pass you the flashlight so you can chart a path off the
treadmill, out of the rut and into the rest of your life.

with me, and we’ll not only build a ladder out of that rut or hole
(depending on how long you’ve been trudging along), we’ll splash heaps
of colour around your career so that the light bounces off and reflects
onto the rest of your life as well.

For I can almost
guarantee that if your work is colourless and grey – the rest of your
life has been looking fairly monochrome as well. (Although maybe you’ve
been too busy to really notice?)

Our programs are all about colour and ACTION!  If you don’t grab the rope and hang on tight, nothing is going to change and the rut is just going to get deeper and deeper.

2006 your year to discover how special your life really is? And how
wonderful it can be when you have a career that you absolutely love?

Let me hand you that flashlight.

Please visit the Career Change Space  and check out our new programs & services today!!

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