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Writers Dilemma

May 22nd, 2006 · 2 Comments

Have you ever had something you wished to say or express, you know – that thought right there foremost in your mind – and yet when you actually went to get it out of your head and into words, it all came out wrong?

I was creating a blog post over the weekend.  And I’d get it to the stage where I could almost, almost grasp at the core of what I wanted to say.  Only whenever I’d get a spurt on – thinking ‘YES! this is IT’.

It wasnt.

It was almost like what I wanted to say was there, sitting beside me so I could see it in the corner of my eye, and if I could just turn my head fast enough to look at it directly, it would all become clear.  Only of course, when I turn my head, it stayed way out there in the periphery, never coming into clear focus.

Sooo, I have let it go.   And I am wondering whether other bloggers out there have this problem.  Or is it only me, because my mind has so much stuff crammed in there every day, that clear thoughts are smothered.

Of course, tomorrow is a new day, and the gift of time and patience could well mean the next time I sit in front of my computer (oh boy, is this laptop GREAT!!!) that all of sudden it will move out from my peripheral vision, and be crystal clear in front of me.  I’m trusting that will happen.

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  • 1 Leah Maclean // May 23, 2006 at 8:54 am

    I completely understand your dilemma Karen. The feeling is there, the deep rooted, gut level understanding that there is something you need to/want to say, BUT the words are just not presenting themselves in a way that captures the feeling.

    Blogs strike me as a great medium to share information but when it comes to sharing a sense or a feeling, the spoken word, and its associated non-verbal cues, seem a far better communication tool.

    I wonder if you spoke what you are thinking whether the words for writing would flow more effortlessly?

  • 2 Karen // May 23, 2006 at 12:32 pm

    Thanks Leah – I will give it a go! I also think that the old ‘sleeping on it’ and finding a quiet space in which to think may help me a lot.

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