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In search of a job spec that inspires!

May 26th, 2006 · 3 Comments

Over on Talking Story, Rosa has an interesting post on simplifying job descriptions – simply titled "Got a job to fill?  Tell it like it is".

I love how Rosa thinks, her blog is on my ‘must read’ list (sometimes, though, I have to put off reading for when I have more time, as her writing is always so full of information and thought-provoking that I cannot do it justice with a quick skim.)  This post is directed at taking a new view of job or position descriptions:

  • tackle reinvention one job at a time whenever you have a need to fill
  • with labour shortages, a flexible attitude is often the biggest indicator of success in finding the right person for your business
  • get rid of the one-for-one replacement mentality
  • plain talk – with the overall theme of "take this job and run with it – dazzle me" (with a great reference to Seth Godin’s blog)

What does redefining job specs mean for those on the other side of the fence?  For those seeking to move into a job and an organisation where their talents will be not only recognised, but given free reign to really soar.  What we want is a manifesto to make for ourselves a job that we absolutely love.  And in that making, we succeed not only for ourselves but for the entire organisation.

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