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A sign it's time to find a new job

June 21st, 2006 · No Comments

It was brought home to me recently that there are times when we KNOW – without a shadow of a doubt – that it is time to leave our current employer and look elsewhere. 

You may really like, or even love your job.  The people in your team are great, and you have a pretty good relationship (well, most of the time) with your boss.  They even pay you pretty well and the benefits are good.

So what is wrong?  Why, with all that going for it, is your job not the place you need to be right now?

In the situation I witnessed last week, it was due to a realisation (that hit like the proverbial tonne of bricks) that the organisational culture had changed over the past few years to such a point that there is no longer care for the individual.  This organisation had turned around its ethos of caring for their customers (it is in a people service industry), and now seems them simply as bottom line.  Previously, their front line staff were involved with their customers in a way that made sense – a caring, symbiotic relationship.  Now their front line staff are simply salespeople trying to earn their keep, with ever increasing sales targets and incentives for throughput rather than accuracy and customer care.

And as I watched my client struggle with this realisation, I found Rosa’s post over at the blog Synergy about a company where ‘people matter more than programmes‘ and where caring for your staff rather than demanding they work longer and longer hours is important.   Where staff are allowed to ‘disappoint’ their boss on occasion, on account of being human.

Check out this post, then this one, and maybe you, like me, will be inspired by this story.  And you will know if it really is time to move on and find a better place – one where the individual takes pride of place.  One where they manage with aloha.

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