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Clearing out anything that does not make you proud – no excuses!

September 6th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Today I felt the great need to commence the clear out and clean up of my home office.  What a shambles it had become while I was ill!  Finding my laptop was an adventure in archaeology amoungst piles of paper, file folders, books, CD cases, assorted stationery items, etc etc…  So I armed myself with a couple of sturdy boxes and commenced the purge and file attack.

But somewhere around lunch time, when I stopped for sustenance and a breather (actually I fully intended to go and have a ‘lie down’ on my bed – as has been my habit lately as I recover my strength) I found myself doing some blog reading around the internet, and time got a little away from me.  As if by serendipity, I clicked onto 37 Days.

[If you havent discovered Patti Digh's 37 Days - I urge you, please stop on by and have a read.  Her posts are brilliant, she tells a story so well, always honest and fully human, and her challenges have shaken me up more often than not.]

Today, I discovered her Purge Your Portfolio post (amoungst others):

you don’t like something, take it out of your portfolio. You don’t want to have
anything in here that you need to make excuses for. When you show this, you
don’t want to apologize for any of your work—you want to be very proud of
everything you put in front of people.”


in my “portfolio” (where “portfolio” means: house, life, brain, relationships) should
I keep? What should I sell? What should I toss?

How Brilliant!  I totally agree with the need to take responsibility for your actions (and your life) and to not make excuses.  And in taking responsibility, to take a good hard look at your "house, life, brain, relationships" and assess whether they are keepers – whether they make you proud – or whether they should be ditched from your portfolio.  I do want to be proud of everything I put in front of people.  And I also want to be proud of what I put in front of me every day, so I am having a much more radical clear out of the office than originally intended! 

Please click on over and read the whole post to get the full context of ‘portfolio’ – it’s brilliant!

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  • 1 The Clearing Space // Sep 7, 2006 at 6:00 am

    Taking responsibility… no excuses

    G and I have both have had discussions with our two younger children about taking responsibility for their actions recently. And today, my request to Gorgeous Girl not to do something was met with I didn’t mean to – exactly

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