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Taking responsibility… no excuses

September 7th, 2006 · No Comments

G and I have both have had discussions with our two younger children
about taking responsibility for their actions recently.  And today, my
request to Gorgeous Girl not to do something was met with "I Do_not_enter_signdidn’t mean
– exactly what we have had multiple discussions on previously (and like waving a red rag at a bull to her father!).  I
explained (again) that whether or not she meant to wasn’t the point -
the deed was done.  No excuses. 

Just accept responsibility, apologise
and don’t do it again.

As I see it, we can go through life making excuses for our actions and for the way we live our life, or we can stand up to the plate, own our life and make it something we are proud of – no excuses needed!

In a work setting, it is easy to make mistakes and I have made many.  But one thing I found was – excuses, even when disguised as reasons, never made it better.  They never removed the mistake, nor made it all better.

I found, especially when dealing with people like the Managing Director (who was renown for his temper!) that a direct admission that a mistake had occured, a quick apology (often – "I’m sorry – I stuffed up, no excuses"), and a solution or way to fix it and a promise that it would not occur again were the best way to handle the situation.  And the best way to keep his respect, trust and my job!!

Excuses always sound weak, ingratiating, buck-passing.  Accepting responsibility for your error and apologising is, in my book, always the best way to move forward.

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