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Throwing down the Christmas Gauntlet

October 16th, 2006 · No Comments

After a successful launch of SOXS last week, I sat down to think about my own personal Christmas (and yes, I’ve invited the whole family HERE this year… that’s a story for another post.)  And checking my diary, I realised that even though the kids only went back to school for term 4 last week, the older two will be finished school for the year in only 6 weeks now!!!  (My youngest has another 2 weeks after them – and boy, is he not going to be a happy kid when he realises that.)

Captain Scarlett and Gorgeous Girl finish school on December 1st.  Sooo, I made the decision, and announced it to the world, I will be prepared for Christmas by that date! 

Yes, there will be still functions and entertaining to do, and fresh food shopping will go on regardless.  But the lists, the gift shopping, the wrapping, the planning, the preparations will all be done.

Because I want to enjoy December!  It gets real hot here then, too hot to be running around like a madwoman.  I want to be able to relax and enjoy spending time with my kids (when they are not off with their friends, and when they are, I want to be able to enjoy the PEACE!!)

And I have a personal pet hate of shopping in crowds.  Hate it!  And I know what the shops get like in December.  Come December 1, I dont want to see the inside of any shopping centre (except for food) until 2007.  I’ll take most things, but a horde of crazed shoppers madly trying to get the perfect present at the perfect price, whilst dragging bored, wingey kids around isnt one of them.  Neither are the crowds of teenagers, who come to the shops for entertainment and to escape the heat outside.  And I’m not even going to mention car parking!!!

Oh dear, I got started on the shopping thing didnt I??  Sorry!

Why not pop over now and read my post – here – and then let me know if you’re going to join Chris and I and enjoy a December filled with Peace, Joy and Goodwill to All.  Chris has taken up the gauntlet – she saw my decision as a challenge she couldn’t let past.

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