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Are you an Internet Illiterate Parent?

November 5th, 2006 · 2 Comments

I read the phrase ‘internet illiterate parent‘ and immediately thought – AM I??  I certainly don’t profess to be anywhere within coo-ee of a technology literate guru, and not even in the same stratosphere as a ‘geek’, but ‘illiterate’?  I had to read more!

Especially since my three children are all quite savvy computer users.  We keep the computer in the family room, within sight of the kitchen sink (even though I am not at that very often:) so we can be aware of what the kids are doing on-line.  The scary thing is my 8 year old son has discovered games on-line, and had to be banned from the computer altogether for inappropriate use of his access time.  [He's been banned until the school holidays, at which time I will reassess his access rights... ].

I was reading Steve’s 2 Cents (where he had a fantastic link to moi – thanks Steve!!) and he’s talking about an article over at Totally Wired about a court case involving teenagers downloading music illegally off the internet.  I have had this discussion with Captain Scarlett, a couple of years ago now, about music rights, and sharing and so forth – had to learn most of it off him tho’!

Check out the whole post here at Totally Wired – and then go on to read more of Anastasia’s stuff – it’s a great resource for parents who aren’t totally ‘literate’ – What Teens and Tweens are Really Doing On-line.

By the way, after reading Anastasia’s post, I dont think I am an Internet Illiterate Parent.  I know about MySpace, and blogging, and IM, downloading music etc… and have discussed all the issues with my teens in-depth.  But I think in the end, because you cannot watch them every minute of the day (and they would get a mighty huge complex if you did!) it comes down to trust. 

Talk about the issues, educate yourself and them, then trust them.

[Maybe just a little peek out of the corner of your eye occasionally, just to be safe... ;-]

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  • 1 Steve Sherlock // Nov 6, 2006 at 4:19 am

    Karen, I did not think you were an internet illiterate parent.

    BTW – David Rothacker gets the credit for pointing out Totally Wired. Coincidently, the Hitchhiker Team had found ypulse, Anastasia’s other blog just about a year ago. The Hitchhikers will celebrate the anniversary of that find by posting about Total Wired this week.


  • 2 Leah Maclean // Nov 6, 2006 at 8:20 am

    Karen – you are far from from being an internet illiterate parent. You are a parent that understands and is interested in the online world. The key here thought is not how much you understand but how much you are interested. In my 20+ years in technology it is the interest factor that helps – the more you are interested, not just in the internet bu also in your child, the more you will understand.

    The article on ypulse was only the tip of the iceberg though – file sharing is one of the more innocent things that your kids can do online.

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