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A time for Peace

December 16th, 2006 · 1 Comment

It’s the time of year where every festive greeting is all about Peace, Joy, Goodwill to all men (AND women!)

And over at Save Our Xmas Sanity I have just written about A Time of Peace.

Here, I would like talk with you a little about a Time FOR Peace.

I am really curious about how peaceful this time of year really is. It seems to me that we have collectively made this one of the most Un-peaceful times simply by the expectations and pressures exerted upon us, all on top of our daily, year-in-year-out lives.

Harmony. Serenity. Calm. Quiet.

Are you feeling Peaceful?

One of the moments I most cherish each year is that time after everyone else has gone to bed on Christmas Eve. The gifts are all wrapped.  The tree sits glowing and glittering and hypnotising me with it’s beauty. Santa’s been and the stockings are full. The house is clean, tidy and ready for visitors.

I sit, quietly, and simply breathe in the serenity of the moment.  The prettiness of the beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree.  The left over smell of baking or of roasting turkey (always done on Christmas Eve and eaten cold). The absolute quiet of a warm summer night (crickets, cicadas, and owl calls exempt).

This is definitely one of my favourite moments.

Writing about it here evokes that feeling in me now. I am calm. I am peaceful. I AM serenity.

For things ARE under control in my world. I won’t let this next 10 days pass me by in a flurry of anxious activity. I will carry this calm with me – allow it to support me in my daily tasks. Allowing me to enjoy many, many more miraculous moments each and every day.

My Challenge to you

Is life passing you by in your hurry to get to December 25?

Is there some way you could capture that feeling of peace and carry it with you during the week.  Allowing it to suffuse every moment, so that you may enjoy now even whilst you prepare for tomorrow?

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  • 1 Save Our Xmas Sanity // Dec 16, 2006 at 3:44 pm

    A time of peace

    Out of the strain of the doing, into the peace of the done.- Julia Louis WoodruffI received an email today, from David Allen the GTD guru – with that quote in it. I loved it so much, I just had

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