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What I Learned This Year…

December 17th, 2006 · 3 Comments

At Instigator Blog, Ben Yoskovitz is asking us to join in a group writing project by looking back in time and asking the question "What did you learn this year?"

As this has been a huge year for me, I figured I was probably up for the challenge, although I am sure my list will not be complete – there was just so much happening and so much learning came from that.

Thanks for putting this together, Ben, I think it’s a great way to end a year, and will make the task of setting the framework for 2007 so much easier.


This year I learned:

  • …I am a dog person.  Who ever knew???  Certainly not me.
  • …I truly am meant to be self-employed. Corporate life drains my soul.
  • …the value of really good friends.  And partnerships.  Working closely with Chris on SOXS has been a joyous experience for me.
  • …I am tougher than I ever thought. And more productive that I ever knew (when I am motivated:)
  • …a laptop really is vital to my sanity
  • …that 20 years of marriage means we’re just getting started
  • …stress and travel for work, when combined, take a huge toll on my health
  • …time out is absolutely necessary, especially when we think we haven’t got the time
  • …the hardest part of parenting is learning to let go
  • …I am stronger and fitter than I was at the beginning of the year
  • …I can trust my intuition/gut instinct
  • …the law of attraction really DOES work
  • …sometimes the only way to get over something is to go through it
  • …the world really is flat – thanks and huge hugs to all those friends I have made around the world this year – you’ve all added something very special to my life and I wouldn’t be here without you
  • …there is a lesson for me in every experience, good and bad, and that the trick is to work out what that lesson is
  • …I need to spend more time at the piano keyboard and less at the computer keyboard
  • …that to be successful and happy in my business, I need to follow my passion, not just what I am good at (this will show itself in 2007 …)
  • …I cannot write well and authentically from the heart unless I am engaged in what I am writing about (evidenced by blank spaces in my blog, and many deleted drafts…)
  • …the choice of The Clearing Space as the name for my business becomes clearer and clearer each day
  • …that I love – really relish – writing and that I AM a writer (in my eyes, anyway)
  • …not to worry so much about what other people might think
  • …life is definitely too short to drink cheap wine
  • …life truly IS better after 40
  • …that a snuggle on the couch beats a night on the town
  • …that it might be time to go get my eyes tested – they are making the writing on jars and bottles smaller and smaller… [grin]
  • …without music, my life would be grey
  • …I need to live from the outside-in, to balance my inside-out tendencies
  • …taking care of everyone else is good, but that taking care of myself must be paramount in order to do that
  • …bloggers are some of the most generous, kind and wise people I have ever met
  • …that in learning, we grow.

Hand_and_globe_1Hmmm… now that I look back on it, it has been a tremendous year for growth.  Thanks one and all for aiding in that!

I was going to start naming names in thanks – but decided you all know who you are (and the list is long…) so I’ll just say -

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for accepting me into your worlds.

My challenge to you (should you choose to accept it)

Can you define what you have learned this year?

How is that going to impact your life in 2007?

Once I wrote this list, and actually got it out of my head, I found there are a lot of actions in there to follow up on next year… and a lot more inspiration for where I am headed… the headlights are on, I can see the way ahead!

First thing – I am going to make that appointment with the optometrist…

PS – Why not join in and write your own answer to the question "What Did You Learn This Year", then let Ben know you’ve done it???  He’s donating $5 to charity for every post written!  Way to go Ben.

Oh, and he is also giving away prizes…

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  • 1 Ben Yoskovitz // Dec 18, 2006 at 10:01 pm

    Karen – I just wanted to say that this is an awesome list, hitting right at the heart of the group writing project. I’m linking it up soon! Wonderful stuff…

  • 2 paul merrill // Dec 20, 2006 at 11:40 pm

    Good stuff.

    Fun that you’re in Australia and I’m in Kenya. Truly a small world.

  • 3 The Clearing Space // Jan 2, 2007 at 7:07 pm

    A Whole Lotta Learning Goin’ On…

    Hmm… good thing you can’t actually hear me sing that title, me thinks… A couple of weeks ago (although it seems a lot longer – it WAS last year, after all), I wrote a post about What I learned this

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