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Jumping back into my skin…

January 30th, 2007 · No Comments



After a long summer holiday, with plenty of time spent at the beach and in the pool, relaxing and spending time with my family, I am just now getting out of holiday mode and back into my normal skin (yes, the white, freckled, red-head skin I was cursed blessed with).

It has been a beautiful summer for me. Christmas seems like forever ago, now – not simply 33 days past. New Year came and went in a flush of enthusiasm, which continued unabated as we headed north for our annual family summer holiday at the beach.

We’re back home now, and in the middle of return-to-school activities. Now the kids are all back at school today (Captain Scarlett for the final time – what a year this will be!) I plan to spend the last few days of my sabbatical deep in planning and preparation mode for the wonderfully busy, energy-filled time ahead.

So, whilst you may see some blog writing from me this week, as I work through ideas I cannot hold back from any longer, I won’t be officially ‘open for business’ until next week.  Some space without children or spouse is needed and was planned for from the beginning (and oh boy, am I relishing the quiet house this morning!!!).

I’m excited about what is ahead in 2007 for The Clearing Space and Karen Wallace.

The most immediate project, that will consume the bulk of my time for the next couple of months will be the reinvention of Sanctuary – due for launch in the next couple of months. This week will see me putting the final polish on the plans before I burst forth into the world seeking contributors, advertisers and sponsors.

Don’t be surprised to hear from me if you run an on-line business…

I plan to blog more regularly (if not more frequently) this year, with more ‘keeping to topic’ writing than my sometimes "sit at the keyboard and see what it is I need to say" type posts.

To kick the year off, I will be starting with a series of posts based on my experience of clearing a space in my life by taking my summer sabbatical. Look for the ground-work to be laid tomorrow…

I feel a surge of energy and excitement whenever I think about what the year 2007 holds – not only for me, but for us all.  I am chock full of ideas, so much so that my greatest fear is that I will not be able to capture them all, or do them full justice.

I love the start of a fresh, new year, where I feel like I am standing on the brink – with a spectacular vista spreading out before me, clear to the horizon. Care to join me as I take the first steps into the adventure that will be 2007?

Personally, this year will see me try to be less Wonder Woman, and more real-in-her-skin woman. I will be doing more walking my talk, less telling.  I will be drinking deep from the fountain of courage and challenging my fears head on. I will live each moment, analysing and reviewing less and feeling more.

And then there is the kitchen renovation…

Thanks for your patience whilst I was away, I appreciate you stopping by again for a visit.  I hope you will pop back regularly and join me as I clarify what The Clearing Space is, and how through this blog and other initiatives, you can create space in your life for all the joy and abundance you can handle!

Happy New Year!

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