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Getting Still #4 – The learning in change, the change in learning

March 22nd, 2007 · No Comments

The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.
-Alvin Toffler


Some of us are old masters (or mistresses) of change and reinvention. We’re changing all the time. And we welcome the process (well, most of the time) and the outcome.

Others of us totally resist change. We don’t like our lives to be challenged or our boat to be rocked. Kids can be like this. My eight year old told me recently that he NEVER wants to live anywhere but in this house. Ever.

[Totally scary moment for mother, until I realised that this was just a security thing with him. I recalled his older brother at 5 wanting to go back to 'our house' now, a month after we moved into this one.]

But as we grow to adulthood, we realise that change happens.  Sometimes more often than we’d like – sometimes not often enough.

Whether stability or instability is your normal state (whether you learn your lessons by sticking with your choices) – as we go through life and learn, unlearn, relearn and learn yet again… we cannot help but grow, and our lives need to keep pace with who we are.

Only sometimes, we’re so busy in the learning and living department – we don’t have time to see that
we have outgrown our current life.  It is only by getting still, by taking some time (we have to take a little bit of time – this cannot be done in a moment) to get still and quiet.

It’s only when we’re still and quiet that we can hear what our heart and soul need.

It may take a few hours or it may take months for the sediment that is muddying the waters of your life to settle so that you can see clearly what it is you need to do.

We just need to trust that the water WILL clear if we get calm and leave it as long as it takes to settle.

For it is only in this place of calm clarity that we can really see the true situation. Without that, we are knee-jerking. And for the big stuff, this isn’t such a good way to make a decision to change.

There are some people that change their lives so often, they leave the rest of us in a whirl. They make major changes in their lives like the rest of us wash our clothes. I get exhausted just hearing about their plans.

The more I think about that, the more I realise that it isn’t their plans and changes that exhaust me. It’s the constant change for the sake of change – and the lack of stickability. It’s not working, so we’ll try something new. It’s throwing out yesterdays great idea for a ‘new, improved’ idea today. It’s always seeking the quick fix, the one thing that will solve all their problems.

Ripe targets for snake-oil salesmen.

These are the people that don’t learn from the changes they make. And don’t change according to those lessons.

The quote by Alvin Tofler at the beginning of my post reminds me that to learn the lessons life sends us (or we create by our decisions) is the greatest learning of all.

We are the only one responsible for our life and our choices, and how we learn and grow and relearn, are ultimately what makes our life and our happiness.

The Clearing Space Challenge

Is there a sense of disquiet in your life? A sense that all isn’t as good as it should be, but you’re really at a loss to work out exactly what that may be?

Try getting calm, quiet, peaceful… take a break, take care of yourself… watch the waves or watch the ceiling.

How can you get clear on your learning and the changes you need to make before they are forced upon you?

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